You Need to Schedule Your Goals

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Let’s face it. We are busy. And busy needs a schedule.

Scheduling our days is a great habit and ensures we are where we need to be to do our jobs. But we can’t mistake a great calendar for good business practice. We all have goals. In order to reach those goals, we have to make them part of our daily routine.

Various studies agree that half of our daily actions are the result of habit. Given that, we need to either instill goal-creation into our current habits or create new ones.

Why not add it to your schedule?

First, you need to take the time to define what your goals are. A terrific step is to create SMART goals for yourself. For the uninitiated, SMART goals break down like this:

• Specific – A good goal is clear and concise. Is your goal specific enough?

• Measurable – Can you measure success by how many, how much, or how often?

• Achievable – Do you have the resources and support you need to achieve your goal?

• Relevant – Does the goal make a difference?

• Time-bound – Have you set a completion date?

Now that you have some goals, and there should be more than one, grab your planner or bring up your calendar app. Review what’s there. Is it all relevant to your goals? Schedule time to review your goals and your progress, and always enter the completion date.

The key is working with the habits and resources you already have. Goal-setting and achieving those goals are essential to the health of your small business.

If taking the extra time is the problem, calculate what your time is worth and see if outsourcing any of your work makes sense. It could very well give you the resources and support you need to accomplish those goals.