Happy Thanksgiving!


What follows is the body of our November newsletter. We had such positive feedback that we decided to share it here.

Next week is Thanksgiving. Time to start preparing for the big day. Turkey - check. Potatoes - check. Cranberries, pies, football, relatives, and antacid – check, check, check, check, and check!
At EtterOps, we love everything about the holiday, but Thanksgiving also means recognizing all of the wonderful reasons for being a small business:

  • Embrace flexibility: work your own hours, work from anywhere, reduce/eliminate your drive time, and create your own environment

  • Pursue your passion: do what makes you happy, find pride and gratification in the work you’re doing

  • Create something new: get your hands dirty crafting the foundation of something great

  • Connect with new people: forge real, personal connections with networks and clients

  • Help people: improve people’s lives while enriching yours

  • Gain expertise: nothing teaches like first-hand experience

  • Invest in you: your risks are your rewards

  • Face new challenges: every day tests your creative problem-solving

  • Build your own team: you decide who you work with

  • Increase your financial independence: invest in your future

  • Have a great story to tell: win or lose

  • Inspire others: tell your story or mentor those whose passions align with yours

  • Change the world: there’s nothing stopping you  

These are just some of the blessings we enjoy every day as small business owners. If you need help keeping up with the rigors of the holiday season, contact Kelly. We're here to help you clear your plate.

Happy Thanksgiving

Do more of what you love

The EtterOps Team

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