Political Campaigns - Logistics Support


The Quick List:

  • Schedule management

  • Deadline management

  • Fundraising event support


Scheduling is a huge part of the campaign trail. It is far more than merely plugging in dates and times on your calendar. It is critical not only for keeping important engagements, but for meeting endorsement deadlines and prioritizing your most precious resource - your time.

EtterOps brings a depth of skill to this arena that is exactly what a busy candidate and campaign manager need. We anticipate and understand the relevant issues, can help prioritize key meetings, and never, ever drop the ball.

Fundraising is the lifeblood of any good campaign. For candidates who have established contacts and are able and willing to put in the time, EtterOps will manage everything from events to follow-up to donation thank you cards. Staying on top of the logistics for multiple fundraising events can be quite challenging. It pays to ensure that someone is on top of them every step of the way.